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Sinop city travel
Sinop travel
situated on a narrow peninsula at Turkey’s northernmost point, Sinop is like a Black Sea island with its good-natured people and streets where time passes slowly.

pontian greek Development of the Pontic Greek Dialect
Development of the Pontic Greek Dialect
Will Pontic Greek continue to be spoken? Bortone (2009) believes Pontic Greek spoken in the Pontos in Asia Minor today will probably disappear. The challenge is to keep the Pontic Greek dialect alive. The more recent work of researchers like Emeritus Professor Peter Mackridge, Assistant Professor Pietro Bortone, Dr Theofanis Malkidis, Ömer Asan, Dr Anthi Revithiadou and Dr Vassilios Spyropoulos have increased our knowledge of the dialect.

Time For to Discover the Black Sea Highlands

Time For to Discover the Black Sea Highlands

Discover the Black Sea highlands in September when time is suddenly rent by a blanket of fog or the cry of a vulture, and make the acquaintance of nature in its most beautiful aspect.

Greek settlements pontos map
Formation of the First Greek Settlements in the Pontos

According to Liddell and Scott’s An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon, the word Pontos stands for the sea, especially the open sea. In time, the word Pontos became associated with the north-eastern portion of Asia Minor that borders the Black Sea (see Map 1).1 The Greeks first called the Black Sea, Aξεινος πóντος (inhospitable, unfriendly pontos), but later it was called Εϋξεινος πóντος (hospitable pontos) when they became aware of its wealth in the lands around it ...

Chrypto-christians Trabzon Pontos Matsouka

Crypto-Christians of the Trabzon Region of Pontos

The crypto-Christians (also called cryphi, klosti, Stavriotes, Kromledes) were Christian Greeks who due to the Muslim persecution against Christians publicly declared themselves Muslims. However, in secret, they upheld their Greek language, customs and Christian religious practices...



What is Heli Ski ? Ayder Heliski

 What is Heli Ski ? ayder heliski heli ski

• Travel is easy, quick and relatively cheap from Europe and you will not suffer from jet lag
• World class heli skiing terrain
• Small groups of only 4 heli skiers
• Professionalism and experience of the guides
• Excellent client service
• Cultural experience
The Kackar range of mountains is situated in the North East of Turkey, on the Black Sea. The mountain range is around 100km long by 35km wide. The highest peak in the range is 3,900m.
Travel to the region is simple with major airlines flying regularly to the Turkish capital Istanbul. From there, an internal flight brings you to Trabzon airport from where we transfer you overland to the heliskiing base at Ayder.

The Heli Skiing and Heli Boarding

The heliskiing in Turkey is world class. Runs in the Kackar Range average a very respectable 1,000 vertical metres and the terrain is both exciting and varied. There is not an abundance of tree skiing but this is more than made up for by some breathtaking alpine terrain. Here the norm is deep powder but as with anywhere conditions of any kind should be expected. Groups of only four heliskiers per guide make for an intimate, high quality skiing experience.
Accommodation and Facilities
The three star hotel in Ayder has small rooms with en suite bathrooms / showers. They are no height of luxury but both clean and comfortable with reasonably good facilities. The hotel is equipped with telephone, satellite TV, mini bar, hair dryer and wireless internet access. A thermal spring spa with is located adjacent to the hotel and is the perfect way to end a long days heli skiing.
Helicopters and Safety
The helicopters used at Turkey Heliski are A-Star B2’s owned and operated by the highly reputable, Air Zermatt in Switzerland. Strict maintenance procedures are followed and both mechanics and pilots are Swiss. The guiding team at Turkey heliski is one of the most experienced and professional found at any heli ski operation. They are all UIAGM certified and have vast experience within the heliski industry. Each client is equipped with an ABS Airbag, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe and instructed in their use.

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