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kemenche kemence pontic lyra fiddle bowed rebap

Kemenche by Sam Topalidis 

The Pontic Greek Family History of Sofia Dimarhos By Sam Topalidis


Özel Arama


Pontos, Black Sea Region Turkey travel guide

A travel guide of Turkey Black Sea Region (Antique Pontus Πόντος of Anatolia)

Turkey Travel guide, Turkey travel tips and photos

Turkey Travel tips, guide, photos

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Sinop city travel
Sinop travel
situated on a narrow peninsula at Turkey’s northernmost point, Sinop is like a Black Sea island with its good-natured people and streets where time passes slowly.

pontian greek Development of the Pontic Greek Dialect
Development of the Pontic Greek Dialect
Will Pontic Greek continue to be spoken? Bortone (2009) believes Pontic Greek spoken in the Pontos in Asia Minor today will probably disappear. The challenge is to keep the Pontic Greek dialect alive. The more recent work of researchers like Emeritus Professor Peter Mackridge, Assistant Professor Pietro Bortone, Dr Theofanis Malkidis, Ömer Asan, Dr Anthi Revithiadou and Dr Vassilios Spyropoulos have increased our knowledge of the dialect.

Time For to Discover the Black Sea Highlands

Time For to Discover the Black Sea Highlands

Discover the Black Sea highlands in September when time is suddenly rent by a blanket of fog or the cry of a vulture, and make the acquaintance of nature in its most beautiful aspect.

Greek settlements pontos map
Formation of the First Greek Settlements in the Pontos

According to Liddell and Scott’s An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon, the word Pontos stands for the sea, especially the open sea. In time, the word Pontos became associated with the north-eastern portion of Asia Minor that borders the Black Sea (see Map 1).1 The Greeks first called the Black Sea, Aξεινος πóντος (inhospitable, unfriendly pontos), but later it was called Εϋξεινος πóντος (hospitable pontos) when they became aware of its wealth in the lands around it ...

Chrypto-christians Trabzon Pontos Matsouka

Crypto-Christians of the Trabzon Region of Pontos

The crypto-Christians (also called cryphi, klosti, Stavriotes, Kromledes) were Christian Greeks who due to the Muslim persecution against Christians publicly declared themselves Muslims. However, in secret, they upheld their Greek language, customs and Christian religious practices...

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Ayder. From the Ardeşen fork on, the Firtina River

 Kackars Wonderland in the clouds

Glacier lakes on one side, yellow rhododendrons on the other, the Kaçkars offer an inviting natural environment. Leaving Rize behind, we start our adventure through the Ayder, Lower Kavron and Upper Kavron Highlands 

Ilgaz National Park ski center travel Turkey *for winter vacation

Even if you like it, snow in the city wears a person out. And if it catches the city unawares, it can mean some pretty tense and annoying days. Dense snowfall in a virgin, unspoiled natural environment in contrast, white as far as the eye can see, is not an ordeal but a pleasure. And Ilgaz, with its natural beauty and texture, can afford you that pleasure.

Gorele Kerasus Pontos images

 Gorele - Modern Coralla Kerasus Giresun

A misty green plateau recedes into the distance. The tinkle of goat bells mingles with the strains of a 'kemençe'. The local folk sway back and forth in native costume. This is Black Sea Giresun's 'Görele' and, as its name indicates, it's well worth seeing.

Imagine a lake secluded amidst pine trees in the foothills of the mountains... Another of the Black Sea's hidden treasures confronts me at Borçka. From there I head first to Macahel on the Georgian border with its natural beauty and beautiful people, and then to the endless valleys of Şavşat
 Smoky mountains and secluded lakes Borcka Savsat
Imagine a lake secluded amidst pine trees in the foothills of the mountains... Another of the Black Sea's hidden treasures confronts me at Borçka. From there I head first to Macahel on the Georgian border with its natural beauty and beautiful people, and then to the endless valleys of Şavşat 
drum turkey anatolia musical instrument

The Daouli Drum

This work describes the history of the daouli drum, how it is played, how it is constructed and its past distribution in Turkey. Reference is also made of its importance in Pontic music from the Black Sea coastal area of northeastern Turkey (the Pontos)
Read more? dauli drum
and more
Tulum the Pontic bagpipe

The Pontic Greek Family History of Sam Topalidis

The Pontic Greek Family History of Sam Topalidis

My family’s Pontic Greek history documents oral history passed down to me primarily from my mother Kiriaki (Papazoglou) Topalidis and details from documents like death certificates.  It also contains some historical information in the Notes section to place my family’s history in historical context.  This summary of my family’s Pontic Greek history will hopefully spur people, not just Greeks, to share their own researched family history with others.  All our stories need to be told, before they are indeed forgotten, temeteron... Read More

samsun history of samsun amisos

A History of Amisos (Samsun)

Modern Samsun (see note 1), known as Amisos by Greeks and Byzantines, Missos by Romans, Simisso by Genoese and then Samsun by Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Turks lies between the deltas of the Kizilirmak (ancient Halys) and Yeşilirmak (ancient Iris) rivers
Read More A History of Amisos (Samsun)

turkey travel guide travel tips turkey

Travel Turkey

Turkey considered as the gateway between Europe and Asia is an Eurasian country located on the Mediterranean stretching across the Anatolian peninsula in southwest Asia and the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. It is bordered by the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.  Turkey is a fascinating country where many important civilizations have flourished since 9,000 BC. Turkey was home from the ancient Hittites, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines to the Ottomans which have left behind them superb architectural, archaeological and historical heritage. Modern Turkey is a secular and democratic Moslem country, founded in 1920 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and from that time, Turkey has been suffering big changes and one of the most notable is its rapidly economic development. Despite of its traditional and Islam roots, Turkey is decidedly western oriented country and today is considered as a candidate to be part of the European Union, which will permit to the country grow up more.

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Istanbul is often described as "the crossroads of Europe and Asia"...
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Ankara is a huge university town and you'll find the streets of Kizilay...
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Artvin travel 

Autumn in the south Rize province on the eastern Black Sea


A Laz tradition: Hawking in Turkey’s East Black Sea region

Black Sea Cuisine, Pontos culinary and recipes

Pontic Mountains of Turkey: The Kaçkars travel tips and photos

Borçka – Şavşat, Macahel on the Georgian border

Highlands of Black Sea Regions

The Eastern Black Sea mountains travel tips and photos

Gümüşhane travel tips, Arygryopolis travel photos

Turkey's Black Sea Coast travel, Pontos travel tips, photos and info

All about Pontic-Anatolian Greeks

Trabzon travel tips, travel guide and Trabzon travel photos

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World heritage Trabzon Hagia Sophia must be stayed as a Museum

World heritage Trabzon Hagia Sophia must be stayed as a Museum CAMPAIGN

The church of Hagia Sofia in Trabzon, north-eastern Turkey, which is a museum today, will be converted into a mosque according to the local Vakif Direction of Trabzon, which is the owner of the estate. The reconstruction works have already been started.
Please support us sign the petition!
For more info about Trabzon Hagia Sophia and convert process

A travel guide of Turkey Black Sea Region (Pontus)

A travel guide of Turkey Black Sea Region (Pontus)

TRABZON gelekensel trabzon köy evi  

Combining a great stock of culture with unique ecotourism assets, star of the Black Sea Trabzon is gearing up for a brilliant future with new tourism investments and modern sports facilities. Sea, fish, colorful boats, nets and spectacular sunsets, each one the pith of everyday life in Faroz. And Yaroz Beach, where the lush green coast meets the Black Sea’s blue waters, is popular even on a sunny fall day. Detail of a door on Memişağa Mansion, four kilometers from Sürmene. This unique house on the shore is admired for its incomparable wood workmanship and stenciling.Gastronomy capital of the Eastern Black Sea, Trabzon boasts a rich cuisine. Akçaabat kofta, Kalkanoğlu pilaff, Hamsiköy milk pudding, Sürmene pitta, Trabzon bread, kale soup, kuymak cornmeal porridge, kaygana anchovy omelette, anchovy bread, Laz beurek… They are all extremely tasty. A commercial port throughout history, Trabzon is like a market within a market. In addition to Kazaz work and silver filigree, there is everything from gold ‘straw’ bracelets to copper wares at Kemeraltı Bazaar. And Uzun Sokak and its modern shopping centers have all the world-name brands. At Uzungöl you can wander on the damp earth amidst corn stocks as tall as a man and choose your accommodation in one of the area’s wooden houses. Another alternative is the highland hotels overlooking the misty valleys at Hamsiköy near Maçka. For those who prefer starred hotels, the city center is your stop.



PART 1: Hazelnut Country
Stately Houses
Texas in Turkey
Birds, Castles, Lost Churches
Ordu to Unye
The Flatlands
A Historic Metropolis
PART 10:
PART 11:
The Tail End


TRABZON TRAVEL GUIDE, Hagia Sophia of Trebizond

We went in spring. A festival of flowers and creepy crawly things. No sign of winter’s snows. As Uzungöl native Faruk Bey put it: “It’s good you came now. If you’d waited till July or August, you’d have encountered the summer crowds and sudden downpours.” Then he adds, “One suggestion: come to Uzungöl in the fall. The crowds will have gone, the rains will have died down, and we’ll be extracting the honey fresh from the honeycomb.” Now it’s September. Time to steer our course towards the Black Sea, Uzungöl in particular. A slightly arduous journey is in store, but it’s worth it. You’ll approach Uzungöl down roads where the houses, scattered at random as if fallen from the sky, are barely visible behind a thick line of trees. So, now your eyes have adapted to the green. Wait till you see the blue!

PART 1: Imagined Empire
The Main Square
A Long Walk
Atatürk House
Bazaar District
Hagia Sophia
Rising Above
Lady of the Mountains
PART 10:
Obscure Monasteries
PART 11:
The Way to the Pass
PART 12:

Turkey Black Sea region travel guide traditional Rize houses

Hemşin region - Kachkar Mountains Travel tips

Glacier lakes on one side, yellow rhododendrons on the other, the Kaçkars offer an inviting natural environment. Leaving Rize behind, we start our adventure through the Ayder, Lower Kavron and Upper Kavron Highlands. We woke up that day like kids on Christmas morning. Our hearts were in the Kumbet Highlands, but as our destination came alive in our mind's eye we focused on our new route. Filled with anticipation of the climb we were going to make to the Ayder Highland, where we would spend the first night, and to our final destination, the Kaçkar Mountains.The Eastern Black Sea mountains obliterate borders, bringing peoples and climates together. When you come to Mount Verçenik from Sis Dağı, you’ll realize that the strains of the three-string violin have given way to the drone of bagpipes. But the sound is the same.

PART 1: A Unique Land
PART 2: The People of Hemşin
PART 3: Migrations
PART 4: Çamlihemşin
PART 5:The Main Valley



Our road stretches now to Rize, the city for which the Black Sea highlands are known. Starting from the banks of the İyidere, it runs through endless corn fields and tea plantations to the valley of the İkizdere. Along it the town of Güneyce boasts 150-year-old wooden mosques carved like fine lace out of the wood of the chestnut tree. İkizdere, which gives it name to the valley, burbles merrily at the confluence of the Köhçer and Cimil rivers. Besides Manle Waterfall and Vane Thermal Springs, this township also has a thriving market. Hand-woven ‘keşan’ textiles decorated with claret-red patterns that the women tie around their heads, natural-dyed Turkish towels, thick woolen socks, country cheeses, tea, and wooden lecterns and butter churns are among its most popular wares. Besides Anzer Highland, famous for its honey, other highlands here include Çamlik, Puşula, Gölyayla, Cimil, Çiçekli, Mahura, Yatak, Buzluğan, Kaban and Vaşa. It’s a good idea to make Çamlik Highland, which offers accommodation, food and guide services, your headquarters for a tour of the region. The summit known as Ovit, one of Turkey’s two highest mountain passes at 2,600 meters, is crowned with a glacier lake known as Aygir.

Part 1: Tea Plants
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
A Muslim Redoubt
Part 5:
A Lakeside Eden
Part 6:
Rize and Environs
Part 7:
Part 8:
A Little Berlin

European Union Flags

The European Union's Black Sea Region Policy

After Romania and Bulgaria entrance in to the EU, the Black Sea region has become very important for the European Union. First of all, stability and security in the Black Sea region is important for the EU. This region is also a main concern for the European Union regarding of preventing the spread of organized crime and terrorism. On the other hand, this region is an important hub for energy and transport flows for the EU. The EU is an important economic and trading partner for the Black Sea countries and makes many efforts to stimulate democratic and economic reforms and supports regional development of the whole region. In this context, “Black Sea Synergy” Programme as an EU initiative was launched in 2007, and finally in May 2009, the EU adopted the “Eastern Partnership” a plan to foster closer political and economic ties with these countries of the region.The European Union's Black Sea Region Policy

Turkey Black Sea Cuisine Turkish culinary

Black Sea Cuisine

Black Sea cooking continues to be one of the rare cuisines that still preserve their unique character. Characteristics of climate and geography top the list of important factors that have shaped cuisines throughout the world. Different nutritional systems emerged in different parts of the world in ages when people lived with no knowledge of each other. Today these cuisines, developed over thousands of years, are in a constant relationship of mutual influence, and the world is newly making the transition to a composite or 'fusion' cuisine. The cooking of the Black Sea is one of the rare cuisines that still preserve their unique character. For, influenced by practically no other way of cooking, it has developed a nutritional style unique unto itself in which the traditional desserts are never absent from the table. Read More

Sumela Monastery

Turkey Travel tips

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Turkey tour guide ordu giresun trabzon rize

Articles about Turkish Anatolian culture; Turkey Travel


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Trabzon Museum
Sumela Monastery
Ataturk Pavillion - Ataturk Kiosk of Trabzon
Kustul and Vazeolon Monasteries of Macka Trabzon
Mosques Of Trabzon

Trabzon Greek,

 Uzungol, Eastern Black sea houses


Maçka and Sumela monastery travel

 Sumela Monastery (Panagia Sumela)

 Bull wrestling in Artvin,

Black sea,



 Trebizond Greek

 Traditional houses

 Greek Penetration of the Black Sea

Hemsin folk architecture,


 Festival time at Ayder

An alpine pasture touching the clouds Pokut

 Journey to Ayder

 Mount Kaçkar


,  The coast of Black Sea,

 As warm as childhood memories Wood,

Byways of the Black Sea region,

 Green on the Rampage Firtina Valley,

 The villages of savşat,

Safranbolu houses,








 The Incredible Odyssey of the Black Sea Greeks

, Bayburd,

Traditional Pontic music,

The Walnut

, Istanbul forets and flowers,

Travel to Black Sea’s blue and the mountains’ green and Turkish wedding,

 Pumpkin recipes,

Istanbul's Black Sea coast travel Istanbul,

Batumi, Batum, georgia travel,

blacksea cousine, turkish recipes,turkis meals, Turkey food,

 cabbage, Cabbage recipes, recipes,

  Çoruh River Valley, Artvin Coruh valley, rafting coruh,

Hawking, sparrow hawk, laz culture, training hawk,

 Kastamonu travel guide, kastamonu accomodation, KASTAMONU,

Macahel travel guide, macaheli travel artvin,

SINOP TRAVEL GUIDE, sinop city guide,

Kostaki Mansion - Museum of Trebizond,

 The cost of language, Pontiaka trebizond Greek,

Ayder Heliski

 Greek Colonies in the East


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